Hey there! You’ve stumbled into a corner of my site where I talk a lot about myself. Luckily, I am a writer who likes to make things easy for his readers. So, without further ado:

My name’s Chamois, and I really, really like reading and writing (despite my fluctuating abilities in the latter). I’m five foot nine or thereabouts and I’m currently living in Hong Kong. For the foreseeable future. Don’t mind moving elsewhere though, I’m not especially attached to the place.

This site started out many years ago as a place where I could purge my mind of bookish thoughts, but these days I’ve branched out to write stuff on subjects as diverse as metro systems, travel, and popular music. It’s very much a learning curve and I’m pretty sure everything I write on this site will be amateurish and lacking in much insight. But well, life’s an odyssey of discovery, so all in good time.

Hope you have a fun time reading my blog (that’s what it’s for), and feel free to leave comments! (But please keep it civilized! I’m a stickler for civility, so I will screen your comment before uploading it online. Sorry if there’s a delay, but I like to keep my corner of the Internet tidy!)